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1442608336_check You’re building a Social Media presence for your business

1442608336_check You’re ready to BE who you need to BE to make it rock

1442608336_check You’re after not only strategy but the HOW-TO’s all in one place

1442608336_check You’re after someone who knows how to explain it simply

1442608336_check You want to know the best platforms for your business

1442608336_check You’d love to connect with helpful content creation & curation resources

1442608336_check You’re ready to dig in and give this the time it deserves

Managing a social media presence can be hard work for some and come really easily to others. Depending on your level of skill it can be daunting and those people who claim it can be taken care of in a few short minutes a day must be robots because you’ve been there for hours already right? What you need is someone to chat with you to make this all relevant for YOUR business. Well stick around. Help is at hand!

Bookmark this webpage and let Social Vibes be your hub of support as you navigate your way though Social Media creating a strong and valuable presence. You’ll find lots of value on the Blogs & Awesomesauce page and I’ll be sending out Epic Resources via “Get The Vibe” Newsletter which you can sign up for over there >>>

Ask lots of questions ~ Use Epic Resources ~ Make Google search your best friend… & When you need a hand to hold – Ask Teash!

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Find Your Purpose Social
Learn how to easily articulate who you are and what you do in this 5 step exercise.

Share your story with the world, be generous!

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Build your tribe social
Create an engaging environment to nurture your clients.
Easily design beautiful visuals for all of your Social Media platforms.
Make magic happen social

#BuildTheTribe 30 day Challenge.

Build YOUR tribe one Daily Vibe at a time.

Create a virtual business environment on Facebook that shows you care for your clients no matter how much distance is between you all.

As the world becomes more virtually focused lets draw our attention even closer to being valuable and serving from the heart even when it cannot be seen, touched or heard the same as we do in “real life”. We can do that by creating, nurturing and growing our social media communities (our tribes) with a meaningful strategy, great structures and high standards in communication and service delivery that inspire people to feel virtually WOWed. Join the 30 Day Challenge that will kickstart you on the road to success.

A little about me…



Founder @ Social Vibes

This is me! My name is Teash (short for Letitia).

I’m a Mum to 3 kids with my youngest having just turned 12 yrs old. No more single digit kids! What a milestone!

I’ve been a part of The Coaching Institute’s team for 5 years and counting, rocking it out as the Social Media Ninja, developing, maintaining and growing a buzzing community of coaches. I absolutely love what I do.

After a brief stint in Melbourne in the office at The Coaching Institute I moved back to the Mid North Coast NSW where I now support the community purely online. The move opened up a new opportunity to offer support by teaching other business owners how to do what I do for their own businesses.

And so here I am. At your service.

I would love to teach you how to create an amazing environment to support your clients, or as I like to call it – your Tribe – and help them feel like they are a part of a family of like-minded souls who champion, celebrate and support each other.

My mission is to help you #BuildTheTribe and #LeadWithLove

You’ll see those hashtags on my online content, it will help you to find the gold that I have shared in the many places I’ve landed, Facebook, & Instagram are the main ones.

I’ve created a 30 day challenge to get you really ramped up creating an awesome culture rich environment for your tribe. If you’re ready for it then jump straight in. If not then there’s lots more on site to help you get started.

Jump over to my business page on Facebook – Social Vibes – and please, feel free to ask me any questions you have.

Chat soon.

Teash xx

What’s it like to work with Teash?

Here’s what Laura thinks…

As a recently, internationally published, Author and Artist, I am a new comer to the marketing business. I was struggling with how best to move forward. I didn’t know how to label myself or attract the audience I knew could benefit most from the tools I had created. I sort the knowledge of Teash, a Marketing consultant and the face behind “Social Vibes” to help me understand marketing a little better. What I actually gained was so much more than I ever expected. With her support, I was guided through the process of creating a personal Brand that was authentic to who I was and that others could relate to. I discovered importance of having a clear direction for my business and long term planning and goal setting. Teash explained how to be of value and relevant to my market as she guided me through the minefield that is social media and how to work the different platforms by understanding their individual group demographics. I learnt so much from our consultations that I have been inspired to dream bigger than I ever have before and I believe Teash has the keys, the tools and skills needed to help me create the future I dream of. I would recommend Teash and Social Vibes to anyone who wants some real clarity, Inspiration, support and practical tools to take their business to the next level.

Laura Bowen

Artist & Author, Laura Bowen

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