How are your blogs going? Growing?

Are you hesitating to write blogs?  It’s pretty daunting for a lot of people.  I absolutely get that.  A couple of years ago I took the leap into writing blogs for myself and  it was challenging.

What if I looked stupid?
What if I said something wrong?
What if – What if – What if!
There came a time where I had to say What EVER. Just do it!

The first one was pretty ordinary
The second one was a little better
The 25th one was pretty good

My advice to you is to GO FOR IT!


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Enjoy these blogs!

Level-Up your passion!

Level-Up your passion!

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius What does that quote even mean? Never work? We all need to work don’t we? My interpretation of that is, if the service you bring to the world is something... read more
How-to Grow Your Facebook Likes

How-to Grow Your Facebook Likes

This is a popular question and there are so many ideas shared by so many people in so many blogs all over the internet so my mission is to make this the last one you’ll need to read on subject. Firstly I’m going to take it right back to something that you... read more
It’s up to YOU. Lead the way!

It’s up to YOU. Lead the way!

How you show up online counts. Just because people cannot see your face, doesn’t mean they can’t SEE you. There is more written and photographic evidence of you, your history, your behaviour, your everything online, than if you had a store that people only met you... read more
Can you make them stop?

Can you make them stop?

Are you trying to get people to STOP and look at your business by throwing it in their face? CHECK OUT THIS COOL THING!! HERE’S WHAT WE OFFER!! STOP!! LOOK HERE!! In this day and age people using Social Media are absolutely drowning in a raging torrent of... read more



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