Why #BuildTheTribe?

We have been joining together as humans, since the beginning of time. Perhaps at first it was simply to procreate, and then as we grew in numbers, it may have been safety in numbers…survival in numbers…connection and growth in numbers.  Coming together gave us opportunities to build our world around us with the combination of strength and intelligence and change our environment to suit the seasons or our needs and desires.

It was as natural for us to #BuildTheTribe then, as it is now.

We still want to be a part of, not just one tribe, but many tribes. Our tribe for music, our tribe for education, our tribe for nutrition, our tribe for fitness…the list goes on!

The essential ingredients in having a successful tribe include: a shared interest and a way to communicate.*  We definitely have that – and we have it – very very easily with the advent of the internet.

What does a tribe need the most though? A leader.

 Seth Godin Quote

THAT is why you are here. Because YOU are a leader. Which means you are gathering your tribe around your common interest and where you choose to hang out is where your tribe will communicate with you. It’s also why I am here. So if you’re a part of my tribe then you’re hanging out here and all the other places set up to communicate about this common shared interest…how to grow your business online in a meaningful way. To stand out as remarkable and memorable in a very big world wide space of products and services. To #BuildTheTribe.

To lead is to create change that moves you, that you believe in, and that brings others with you.

In the video below you will see first hand how a movement is created within a tribe already gathered, with a leader…or two… ps. Check out this blog to find out what the deal with the hashtag is #

*Seth Godin, Tribes, 2008


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