Ok Ok not really a Rockstar LOL It’s just me…Teash…the one they say “rocks” and a special few call me Star… This is my journey from zero belief in myself to a list of skills I could never have imagined possible!

It was about 12 years ago where it all started for me. I was a single Mum with one child on the pension and it was challenging. I did not think I had any REAL skills, you know the ones that could offer me employment in anything other than waiting tables, washing dishes or cleaning hotel rooms.

However a friend of mine saw the potential in connecting me to the world wide web and bought me a very basic computer for $200. To say I was grateful would be an understatement.

Life as I knew it completely changed from that moment. The first thing I did was enrol myself in a distance education course studying Information technology. In my holidays I would enter competitions to win my son the toys that I couldn’t afford to buy him. In 2 years I spent about 9 months of that entering competitions (I did quite well by the way, around $8000 in prizes).

What that gave me was so much more than some cool prizes. There was a massive online community around 20,000 people who were registered in the forum. I was really fired up and passionate about helping people succeed in that space. I would help people in the forum, teach them what they needed to know, make their lives a little easier and I did it because I loved doing it.

It didn’t take long for the team running the site to invite me to join the team and become a forum admin. I absolutely loved doing that and found I had lots of opportunity to use my new skills from my course in IT to assist the users and I loved being a part of the team keeping the site running smoothly, archiving old competition listings and moving things around if they were posted by a user in the wrong place.

I completed another IT certification that was specifically for IT Support and then moved up again to the next level of certification and almost finished that too (life kinda found a new priority for me just before I finished the last module so I chose to let it go) then when the space was clear to study some more I found The Coaching Institute and enrolled in the Diploma of Life Coaching.

That was 4 years ago now and at that time TCI did not have much of a presence on Facebook. One weekend a couple of us enthusiasts that were longing for the connection of other coaches gathered together and with the inspired challenge from Sharon Pearson to fill a Facebook Group with 1000 coaches in 3 days we set to work, and yes, by midnight Sunday we had filled the group.

Again I had a platform to do what I loved which was to help people get the most out of the space and connect them with the resources they needed. Within around 6 months of just being me and doing what I loved – helping people, I was invited to join the TCI Team.

Fast forward 4 years and I have been blessed with the incredible mentoring, teaching, opportunities and support of being a team member with TCI and employed to do exactly what I love. My skills have increased exponentially to include successful strategies in Social Media Marketing, Community development, Leadership development, Team Culture development, Brand Culture development, Content curation, production and design. TCI’s Social Media presence and the standard it is delivered in is as world class as the service it provides.

Now the space has opened up for me to do something more, I now have an opportunity to teach people these awesome strategies and help people learn and get the most out of Social Media for their businesses so they too can have outstanding results.

And so Social Vibes has been born and with this new platform I want to help people create a business environment that cares for their clients no matter how much distance is between them. As the world becomes more digitally focused we must focus on learning how to draw our attention in even closer to serving from the heart even when it cannot be seen, heard or felt in real life.

Via Social Vibes service I will do that by assisting small business owners to begin their social media platforms with great strategies in place that allow that servants heart to shine through setting up standards in communication and service delivery and bringing a Virtual WOW element in all they do.

I will teach this without the overuse of tech jargon and make it simple and easy to do, no matter where they’re at, in terms of marketing or IT skills.

 Using the hashtag #BuildTheTribe the tips out there are available to find easily if you know how (if you don’t know how to use hashtags or what they are you can find it out in my very simple explanation blog right HERE).
I look forward to making many many lives so much easier. Perhaps even YOUR life 🙂 Please feel free to connect with me on Facebook, Pinterest & Twitter.

Chat soon!

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