Consumers have the power!

Think about it.

Think about the behaviors we are seeing in society today. Do the majority of people go home and turn on the news? Nope.

– They go home and tune into the news they want to see.

Are they looking up at the billboards when they commute? Nope.

– They’re looking down at their phones.

As a brand you want to be in front of your audience and these days your audience is on Social Media.

So what are the motivations of consumers that cause them to not only pause on your brand but keep them coming back?

1. Belonging

2. Significance

3. Contribution

Ask yourself these questions and see how you’re doing on motivating your audience. Don’t just think them in your head though… Grab a pen and paper and put real effort in, it will make a huge difference!

1. How is your brand meaningful?

2. What unique experience are you offering?

3. How do you make your audience feel special?

4. What is your audience a part of because of you?

5. How does your audience get to give back?

It’s human emotion driving your audience.

– Make them feel more like they belong when they’re with you.

– Make them feel more like they are significant when they are with you.

– Make them feel like their contribution matters

Create feelings, not marketing copy and not sales scripts. You may be a brand providing a service but at the end of the day…You’re a human helping another human. BE human!

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Teash x


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