“The higher you want to climb, the more you need leadership. The greater impact you want to make, the greater your influence needs to be.” J.Maxwell

What if getting better results in your business or career right now was NOT dependant on you working harder? Would you be keen to know a more effective way of getting the results you desire? Of course, you would!

How are you on your understanding of Leadership? Are you aware that you ARE a leader? Do you know your strengths and weaknesses of yourself as a leader? Identifying as a leader and then knowing yourself as a leader is a key factor to the attainment of success as a leader and in the things you do. Take a moment at the end of this blog to reflect, I’ll leave some questions to help you along.

There have been many examples in history. John C Maxwell shares in his book the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership the classic example of the Macdonalds brothers and Ray Kroc. The Macdonalds brothers created an awesome system that set the foundation for what would be the billion dollar company that we see today – McDonalds – only trouble was they did not have the leadership ability to move it forwards themselves. It took a man with much stronger leadership ability – Ray Kroc – to make that happen.

What is the vision for your business/career or even life, that you have right now? If you took an objective look at that vision would you say it is a reflection of your current level of (self) leadership? Do you think you played it safe? Made it attainable?

While it’s good to have a fairly safe goal to work towards it’s great to have the challenge to rise up to that might feel out of your reach. It’s that kind of motivation that can really spur a person on to learn some of those things that may have been pushed into the “too hard basket” like managing books, accounts, taxes. You’d be surprised at how much power the fear of those things can have on a goal!

So then what would a leader do to be the person who can have better results, who can dream bigger, who can influence more people, who can have a greater impact on the world?

They lead themselves to > Models of excellence > to connect with information > to create deeper awareness and elevate their thinking > that allows them to implement proven systems > to make commitments that foster accountability > that leads to success that is replicable, sustainable and scalable.

That probably looks bigger than it is really 🙂 put simply, learn how someone gets the results you want, get them for yourself, do it again and again until you’re doing it better than the person you learned it from then once you have lead yourself and you’re walking your talk, you can lead/teach it to others.

So it’s not about putting yourself in the thick of a task at the last minute and that work being really HARD to do. It’s about identifying your gaps and LEADING yourself to know what you need to know to make the task so much LESS than hard work.

And the better you become at leading yourself, the better you become at leading others and the more of an impact you will have on the world. That makes you an extremely valuable person and your business/service extremely valuable to others. Like McDonald’s that went from being a good profitable business in the hometown, it began in, to an extremely valuable and profitable service worldwide.


– If I had all the resources & skills I needed to do whatever I wanted with my business – what would that truly look like?

– What challenges me the most when it comes to influencing the people around me (employees, potential clients)?

– What would someone else tell me I need to work on as a leader?

– Have I truly accepted myself as a leader?

– What promises am I not keeping to myself, my business, to others?

– Do I allow others to shine when I am faced with a challenge or do I attempt to do it all myself?

– What of my own gaps am I neglecting to improve?

– What do I plan to do about this?


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